That’s a wrap, Season 2!

We’re excited to announce our final episode of Season 2, a review of Bacterial Endocarditis. This episode is a collaboration with the hosts of What Brings You in Today, a medical humanities podcast produced by students of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health. Take a listen to their episode, and please check out their amazing podcast!

Thank you so much to all of our subscribers for your support this season! We’re very grateful for every listener and subscriber, and for every rating and review. We promise to be back soon with Season 3. If you have topic suggestions for future episodes or are interested in joining our team, please reach out through the Contact page. Happy Holidays!

Introducing our newest team member with an episode on Pleural Effusions

Pleural effusions occur so commonly, and as a result they’re also commonly tested. It’s a good idea to really solidify this topic for Step 1, as it will be a foundation for many important concepts in medicine. Luckily, our newest international team member Drashti Patel reviews the topic quite comprehensively in our latest episode on Pleural Effusions. Start listening now!