Ria Mulherkar, Founder of SoS

For medical students, by medical students

My name is Ria Mulherkar, and I’m a medical student at Drexel University College of Medicine.

I realized pretty early on that medical school is no easy feat. I also realized that some of the most helpful teaching and advice came from upperclassmen who had just recently been in my shoes. And so I created Spoonful of Sugar – a platform where seasoned third and fourth year medical students could impart some of their wisdom onto first and second years.

Each episode of Spoonful of Sugar is hosted by a third or fourth year medical student. We review medical topics, ideally at the level tested on USMLE Step 1, in bite-sized pieces. We try to integrate topics from all different subjects in medicine, and we ask lots of questions throughout our episodes to keep listeners engaged. Most importantly, we try to explain concepts so they are simple and easy to understand.

When you tune in to our podcast, it doesn’t matter if you get every answer right or get every answer wrong. When you listen, engage, and understand, the learning will happen on its own.

We’ve all had our SoS moments in medical school. Perhaps all we need is a Spoonful of Sugar, to help the medicine go down.

Listen. Engage. Understand.

Start listening now.

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