Spoonful of Sugar is a podcast made for medical students, by medical students, to help the medicine go down.

Each episode will review important topics in a question-based format so that listeners can test what they know. Our material is primarily geared towards students preparing for USMLE Step 1, but of course we invite all levels of medical professionals to take a listen! In Season 2, we started the “Clinical Concepts” series which covers material that is more clinically oriented to help transition knowledge from textbooks to actual clinical practice.

This podcast is perfect for students who find their studying interrupted by basic life needs—driving, cooking, cleaning, etc. The idea is that students can review content by engaging in our Q&A-style episodes without any guilt about being away from the books. And the best part is, it’s completely free!

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Disclaimer: Spoonful of Sugar is an independent platform. The material posted on this website and aired on our podcasts does not reflect the views of any medical school, university, or hospital although students and/or residents may choose to identify their affiliations. The content of our episodes is purely educational and is not meant to substitute the diagnostic or treatment decisions made by board-certified, licensed physicians.